Decor – In Detail

Decor – In detail

Using the base prices quoted in the “Decorating” section of our site, along with the information provided, it is possible to determine an approximate cost of an installation without contacting our office. However, for guaranteed pricing, please contact our office for a written quote. We also encourage customers to reserve event dates as early as possible, up to three months in advance.

Our decor pricing structure includes four parts:

  1. Base price
  2. Strike fee
  3. Decorating fee
  4. Other fees

Why is it necessary to have four different part to the pricing structure? Why can’t everything be rolled into the base price?

The base price is the charge for labor and materials required to produce the decor.

The strike fee is the flip-side of the set-up fee. It is the cost to remove the decor. It is not charged when the customer or the facility accepts responsibility for removing the decor.

Other fees cover unusual expenses such as lift rentals and electrical power user fees.

  1. Balloon Sculptures
    Starts at :$95.00 per sculpture
    Start Size: 4ft and $15 per ft thereafter. All sculptures are made with 5in latex balloons. Balloon sculptures available are: Numbers, Letters, Stars, and all shapes or symbols.
    Click here for Balloon SculpturesĀ 
  2. Balloon Column or Pillar
    Starts at :$45.00 per Column or Pillar, depends on height. 3ft round latex can be replaced with mylar stars at no additional charge.
    Click here for Balloon Pillars
  3. Balloon Arches
    Starts at :$195.00 for a standard 15×9 arch, $35 per ft thereafter. “3 colors” are included in pricing. A $20 fee will be added for each additional color.
    Click here for Balloon Arches
  4. Base Price
    Minimum order requirements for specific times are noted below. Higher minimums are required for areas beyond the Tri-County area. A two-hour minimum set-up time frame is requested.For a start time of an installation time prior to 8:00am, any day, including Saturday and Sunday: $190 minimum.Completion of installation after 6:00pm, any day: $190 minimum.
  5. Set-up Fee or Decorating Fee
    20% will be added to the base price for a set-up fee. Higher set-up fees will be calculated on a case by case basis for areas beyond the Metro-Detroit area.
  6. Strike Fee
    Standard Strike Fee (8:00am-6:00pm, daily): $35/hr with a one hour minimum
    After hours (6:00pm-8:00am): $75/hr with a one hour minimum
  7. Other Fees
    Additional charges apply for lift rentals and electrical user fees.
  8. Payment
    Pre-payment is required by credit card, check or cash, unless an account has been established.
  9. Cancellation Policy
    • Orders cancelled with 6+ days notice: 25% cancellation fee
    • Orders cancelled with 3-5 days notice: 50% cancellation fee.
    • Orders cancelled with less than 72 hours notice: 100% cancellation fee
  10. Deposits
    A deposit of 50% is required at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance should be paid at least one week prior to the event. At that time, payment in the form of cash or credit card must be made, unless an account has been established.